Bandar Abbas (IP) - In order to maintain and improve the operational capacity of Iranian ports, light and heavy vessels are repaired in Shahid Rajaei Port of Bandar Abbas, the capital of Hormozgan Province.

Iran PressIran news: Two vessels were repaired by Iranian specialists in Shahid Rajaei Port on Saturday evening; the measure indicates an increase in the operational capacity of the strategic port of Shahid Rajaei.

As an essential center of Iran's maritime trade, Shahid Rajaei Port has a crucial role in developing economic exchanges; hence, it is necessary to improve the operational capacity of the port.

The port is also one of the central points for transporting goods through Iran's rail fleet to neighboring countries due to its location in the north-south corridor.

The connection of Shahid Rajaei Port to Iran's railway fleet has increased the importance of this strategic port for the direct transfer of goods from the port throughout Iran.

According to the Director-General of Ports and Maritime Affairs of Hormozgan Province, Alireza Mohammadi-Karajiran, about 5 million tons of goods have been transported throughout Iran from the Shahid Rajaei port railway terminal in the past eight months, which is an increase of 50% compared to the same period last Iranian year.


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