Islamabad (IP)- "Iran has friendly relations with Pakistan and the security of the two countries is important for Tehran and Islamabad," said Brigadier General Mohammad Ghanbari, head of Iran's CID Police visiting Pakistan.

Iran PressAsia: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Brigadier General Mohammad Ghanbari said his trip to Islamabad has done at the invitation of the Director-General of Pakistan Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and constructive talks had taken place there.

The head of the CID Police of the Islamic Republic of Iran stressed that these talks would increase the cost of crime on the border between Iran and Pakistan for the criminals and the two countries have a shared vision in the fight against various crimes.

During the visit to Islamabad, Iran and Pakistan have reached an agreement to fight terrorism, narcotics, and organized crime, Ghanbari said.

He said Iran and Pakistan had good agreements on sharing scientific and educational experiences to detect crime more quickly.

Brigadier General Mohammad Ghanbari arrived in the Pakistani capital on Sunday.

The Iranian delegation headed by Brigadier General Ghanbari visited the headquarters of the Pakistan Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Monday morning and met with Sanaullah Abbasi, the Director-General of FIA, to discuss joint cooperation, reported Iran press.


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