Tehran (IP) - A student should be split up and hung in front of the big door of the university so that everyone learns their lesson and, when Nixon arrives, everyone's voices and movements be nipped in the bud.

Iran PressIran news: It began after a coup in Iran on August 19, 1953, when the US-backed Shah forces in Iran carried out Operation Ajax against the national government of Mohammad Mosaddeq, who managed to nationalize the oil industry in Iran. 

As of December 5, 1953, demonstrations took place around the corner, and people were arrested in the bazaar and at the university.

Days earlier, it was announced that the then US Vice President Richard Nixon was scheduled to come to Iran. 

He was coming to Iran to see the fruits of the coup and the establishment of Shah's power. 

The students of the university also decided to show their hatred and disgust for the coup d'etat and their support for Mosaddeqin a huge demonstration when Nixon arrived.

It was the US' Nixon coming to Tehran, so every voice of protest must be nipped in the bud.

On December 6, in the morning, upon entering the university, the students noticed the extraordinarily equipped soldiers and the unusual circumstance around the university, anticipating an incident. 

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The plot was clear to everyone, and the students tried their best not to give any excuses to the forces and agents deployed there.

So the students went to the classrooms calmly and cautiously, and the soldiers marched under the guidance of some detectives. The first hour passed without a major incident, and when the security agents found no excuse, they stormed into the colleges, arresting a large number of students from Medicine, Pharmacology, Law, and Science faculties.

Among the detainees were several professors who were attacked in place of students and were dragged into a truck after being beaten. 

The situation got critical. The hustle and bustle outside the classroom and the loud sound of soldiers' boots signaled the imminence of an incident; five 'Zealot' soldiers rushed into the classroom with light machine guns, aiming the rear part of the class.

Inevitably, the professors had to go on a strike until the militants left the university, and because more severe incidents were expected to happen, the professors ordered the student to leave the colleges for their houses in order to keep them away from danger.  

The students also left the campus following the decision of the professors, but half of the students were still leaving when the very soldiers, along with a large number of ordinary soldiers, attacked the Technical College.

Most of the students had to flee to get out of the south and west gates of the college.

"The military's hand must cut off from the university" was heard amid the crackdown; it was the voice of a student witnessing death as if he broke into tears. 

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His voice had not yet been silenced when a barrage of bullets rained down and, as the students did not have a chance to escape, they were completely taken by surprise and many were shot at the place.

The students fell one by one; There were three steps between the central campus of the Technical College and the southern parts, and many of the students shot had fallen on these steps.

They could not save themselves when they retreated.

Mustafa Bozorgnia was shot dead with three bullets.

Shariat Razavi, who was initially severely wounded by a bayonet, was shot again.

Naser Ghandchi did not take a single step back; A 'Zealot' soldier of Shah opened fire on Ghandchi, shot him in the chest. Ghanchi also succumbed. 

On December 6, one of the university janitors heard a phone call from a university guard officer ordering: "A student should be split up and hung in front of the big door of the university so that everyone learns their lesson and when Nixon arrives, everyone's voices and movements be nipped in the bud..."

On December 7, 1953, upon the arrival of the US' then-Vice President Nixon, the troops of Shah opened fire on the students of Tehran University's Faculty of Engineering, shooting dead and wounding a number of others.


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