Tehran (IP) - Adviser to the Minister of Industry, Mines, and Trade says Iran in Expo 2020 Dubai aims to restore the status of Iranian hand-woven carpets in the world.

Iran PressIran news: In the press conference on the Carpet Week in Expo 2020 held on Tuesday, Hassan Zamani said that all friendly countries had been invited to visit Iranian handmade carpets in Expo 2020 Dubai.

Zamani talked about the participation of different races in carpet weaving in the exhibition and said that it is called the Knot of Empathy or World Peace. He stated that the "Empathy for Peace" carpet would be donated to the Expo Museum after its completion.

Zamani said when the whole world was copping with the coronavirus, and the exhibitions were not held, Iran held four exhibitions in the current year, including the holding of the largest carpet exhibition in Syria.

Still, Farahnaz Rafe, head of the National Carpet Center, said that the Expo is an excellent opportunity for hand-woven carpets to find their place as a craft known in Iran.

Rafe stated the introduction of the great artists of the industry and the Iranian hand-woven carpets to the world among the purposes of the exhibition.

She pointed out that artists have not been sanctioned in any country except Iran, recalling that the 'Empathy for Peace' carpet conveys the message of Iran's peace with the slogan of friendship to the world to lift sanctions.

Carpet press conference at Expo 2020 Dubai was held on Tuesday with the presence of Advisor to the Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade Hasan Zamani and Head of the National Carpet Center Farahnaz Rafe in Tehran.


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