US Treasury Department on Tuesday imposed sanctions on eight Iranian individuals and four entities following Washington's hostile actions against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran PressAmerica: The US Treasury Department has made a ridiculous allegation accusing these eight individuals and 4 Iranian entities of human rights violations.

The US Treasury Department also placed several Syrian and one Ugandan officials on its sanctions list.

From the American point of view, human rights have always been a kind of soft power to influence and put pressure on independent countries and opponents of the hegemonic (US) system.

The US Treasury Department had repeatedly sanctioned Iranian and foreign individuals and companies under various pretexts.

The new US sanctions come as the Biden administration claims that it intends to pave the way for its return to the JCPOA through the ongoing Vienna talks.

Officials in the Biden administration have repeatedly and explicitly acknowledged the failure of the maximum pressure policy in recent months, saying they intend to bring the United States back to the nuclear deal, but so far, they have refused to take the necessary steps to return to the agreement.


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