Microsoft has claimed that it had detected a destructive cyberattack on Ukrainian computer networks.

Iran PressAmerica: Microsoft warned on Saturday evening that it had detected a highly destructive form of malware in dozens of government and private computer networks in Ukraine that appeared to be waiting to be triggered by an unknown actor.

In a blog post, the company said that on Thursday — around the same time that government agencies in Ukraine found their websites had been defaced — investigators who watch over Microsoft’s global networks detected the code. “These systems span multiple government, nonprofit and information technology organizations, all based in Ukraine,” Microsoft said, according to The New York Times.

Ukrainian officials blamed the defacement of their government websites on a group in Belarus, but early attribution of attacks is frequently wrong, and it was unclear if the defacement was related to the far more destructive code that Microsoft said it had detected.

Microsoft said that it could not yet identify the group behind the intrusion but that it did not appear to be an attacker that its investigators had seen before.


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