Tehran (IP) - Chinese Ambassador to Tehran and Iranian Minister of Sports and Youth met to discuss expanding joint sports cooperation between the two countries.

Iran PressIran News: Seyed Hamid Sajjadi, Iranian Minister of Sports and Youth in the meeting with Chang Hua, Ambassador of China to Tehran, said that 52 sports federations, 100 associations, and 225 sports fields are active in Iran, and we have international positions in some fields.

There is a lot of potential for sports activities that can be expanded through joint cooperation to gain growth and development of sports fields, Sajjadi added.

Saying that sports success is part of the symbol of countries' development, Sajjadi added: "China has shown that it is a powerful country in the world by acheivments in global sport events."

Regarding hosting the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing at the beginning of the New Year in China, he said: "I hope this coinciding will be accompanied by happiness, joy and success for the great Chinese nation and great achievements for all the athletes present at this event."

The Chinese ambassador to Iran also thanked the Iranian Minister of Sports and Youth for holding the meeting and called Iran a powerful country in the field of sports in Asia.

Chang Hua also referred to Iran's success in some sports fields and asked Sajjadi to provide a suitable ground for interaction between Tehran and Beijing in the fields that Iran has a title in.


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