Tehran (IP) - Iranian-based Atlas Protective Coatings company unveiled its nano product, a thermal insulation paint that prevents energy loss.

Iran PressIran News: The CEO of the knowledge-based company said that high-adhesion thermal insulation paint technology on metal surfaces is one of the emerging technologies that prevent energy loss.
Iman Alibakhahi stated that while traditional and high-thick foam insulation creates problems in the workplace, this product uses a low heat transfer coefficient material at low thickness.
This type of paint, Alibakhshi said, is suitable for places where energy and maintenance costs are important, such as cold storages, motorhomes, poultry farms, ranches and material tankers.

Especially in cases where due to the large thickness and the need to use glue and other materials and vapor condensate, as a result of corrosion of the metal surface, traditional insulation is weak, the nano paint is of great importance, he stressed.
As it has a high amount of consumption, it will be exported to other countries, he noted.
The product can compete with foreign products in the world, he said.


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