New York (IP) - Iran’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to UN on Wednesday referred to the criminal acts of the Zionist regime in occupied Palestine, said: UNSC must oblige Israel to put an end to its systematic violations of human rights in occupied Palestinian territories.

Iran PressAmerica: The full text of Majid Takht Ravanchi's remarks is as follows:

Madam President,

The situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory continues to deteriorate, posing a threat to international peace and security. 

In 2021, through killing innocent people, including women and children, requisitioning the Palestinian people's properties, seizure and demolition of their homes, and their forceful eviction, the Israeli regime continued its oppressive and expansionist policies and unlawful criminal practices, including grave and systematic violation of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. 

According to OCHA, in 2021, 341 Palestinians were killed and 17,893 more injured. The Israeli security forces systematically killed the Palestinian children, and in 2021, 86 Palestinian children were killed in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, the highest since 2014. 

Only one example of brutalities of the Israeli regime was its 11-day all-out war on Gaza in May 2021, when Israeli forces killed 256 Palestinians, including 66 children and 40 women. This includes 13 members of an extended family, including children, one as young as six months, who were killed and buried in the rubble of their own home.

These measures constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity, for which the perpetrators of such crimes must be brought to justice.

Moreover, the seizure and demolition of Palestinian homes increased in 2021 compared to 2020 and 2019. 894 structures were demolished in 2021, which resulted in displacing 1,179 people.

By the same token, the Israeli regime continues its destabilizing and malicious activities in the region by consistently violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and by threatening openly to use force against other regional countries.

We condemn the vicious Israeli policies and destabilizing activities, which is a clear threat to the peace and security of the region.

We also condemn the convening of the recent Israeli Cabinet meeting in the Occupied Syrian Golan and its statement on building new settlements there. 

This unlawful action constitutes a flagrant violation of international law and the relevant UN resolutions and is null and void. It has no legal effect on the status of the Syrian-occupied Golan, which always remains an integral part of Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity.  

Madam President,

The inaction of the Security Council has emboldened the Israeli regime to continue its crimes against the oppressed people of Palestine. 

The Security Council must oblige the Israeli regime to put an immediate end to its systematic violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. 

The Security Council must also compel the Israeli regime to end the occupation of Palestinian and other Arab territories.

Today, the Israeli regime's representative attempted to misuse this forum and made unfounded allegations against my country, which all are rejected. These groundless accusations are designed to distract attention from atrocious brutalities committed persistently by the Israeli regime in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. 

It is indeed very ironic that a regime famous for its atrocities and apartheid policies, war crimes, crimes against humanity, attacking or threatening to use of force against its neighbors and beyond, a regime with an atrocious record of developing, producing, and stockpiling different kinds of inhumane weapons including the weapons of mass destruction, labeling others as threats to peace and security and preaching others to observe international law.

I thank you, Madam President.


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