Moscow (IP) - Iranian president stressed the importance of eliminating the obstacles to the issuance of export permits, stating that Iran's share in Russia's market can definitely increase.

Iran PressEurope: Speaking on Wednesday night in a meeting with a group of Iranians residing in Russia during his visit to the country, Ebrahim Raisi said, "In the report that the Iranian ambassador to Russia and economic actors gave in this meeting, a good pathology has been conducted, but we need to remove these problems."

Referring to his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, Raisi noted: "It has been felt that there is a serious will to remove obstacles and problems that exist in the way of promoting and developing cooperation."

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Raisi added, "Part of this meeting was dedicated to the common issues of the two countries in the fields of economy and development of relations, but the other part was related to the strong role of Iran and Russia in the region and international issues."

Ayatollah Raisi pointed out, "The impression from this meeting and conversation was that the officials of both countries are seeking to resolve the problems and develop relations."

Emphasizing the efforts of government members to solve export problems, Raisi said, "Production and exports should be predictable, and exporters and producers should be able to work in this field with foresight. There is also the issue of risk-taking, but the economy must also be predictable to some extent so that actors in this field do not suffer losses".

Emphasizing the need to facilitate exports, the President stated, "Some measures to reform the economic system are still at the beginning stages, some of which will be reflected in the 1401 budget".

Referring to the possibility of creating a suitable platform for Iranian goods in the Russian markets, the President said, "The Russian President also said that Iran's share in the Russian market can be improved."

Referring to the increase in relations with some countries in recent months, the President said, "Statistics show that exports have increased due to the efforts of our country's businessmen and officials."

Regarding solving the problems of Iranian students abroad, Raisi said, "The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and Health and Medical Education must take the necessary measures to solve the problems of these students."

The President added, "All Iranians everywhere in the world should aim at the growth and development of Iran and do their best to do so."

Pointing out that our generation should be familiar with Iranian culture, language, and customs, Raisi stressed, "There is no restriction on studying and doing business abroad, but there must be a sense of belonging to the country."

Ayatollah Raisi stated that Iranians abroad are ambassadors of our country and added, "Great Iranian men and women in the fields of science, culture and, art, as well as in the field of resistance against the enemy, have made a point in history that we can be proud of."

Raisi added, "We have figures in the country who made history. Today, in a meeting with the President of Russia, I said that if we want to introduce the hero of the fight against terrorism to the world, that person is Haj Qasem Soleimani".

Referring to some decisions of the Supreme Council of Iranians Abroad, Ayatollah Raisi said, "Travel for Iranians abroad should be facilitated, and it is necessary to reduce the problems of students abroad."

Referring to some remarks on relations with neighbors and the development of relations with countries in the region, the President said, "What is happening in the foreign policy of the 13th government is to pay attention to the capacities that were previously neglected".

Emphasizing that Iran's policy is a balanced policy with a view to the whole world, Raisi stated, "Iran and Russia are determined to activate the capacities of both countries."


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