Tehran (IP) - Iran's Foreign Ministry in a statement on Friday rejected the recent Holocaust resolution issued by the United Nations General Assembly and stated that the Israeli regime is exploiting international instruments to cover up its crimes.

Iran PressIran News: It said that, as declared by Iran's representative to the United Nations in New York, the racist Israeli regime is using international bodies and mechanisms to cover up its daily crimes against the Palestinians which are done by the full support of the West these days.

The statement added: "As it is clear to everyone, the crimes of the Second World War were committed due to the two motives of racism and expansionism, and now the Israeli regime is the inheritor and flag bearer of these two evil temperaments."

"The regime's racist approach has been clarified in numerous international documents, and despite the strong will of the international community, Israel remains the only racist regime with an expansionist ideology," the statement said.

The Israeli regime has committed crimes such as genocide, terrorism, ethnic cleansing, home destruction, and siege.

The world community is supposed to avert future human catastrophes without regard for political considerations; hence, the Holocaust resolution passed on Thursday is unacceptable.

While the terms of the General Assembly resolution and the definitions contained in it are upheld, the statement states that such a document should not be regarded as a consensual approach. 219