Tehran (IP) - The Iran's President said: "We should try to get to know the civilization-building culture called Fatemeh Zahra (Fatima the purest one) and a civilization called Fatimid civilization and the children of Fatemeh, peace be upon them, as the ones who can be called the savior of contemporary man."

Iran PressIran news: Speaking to mark the occasion of Women's Day in Iran, Ibrahim Raisi said: "The character of Fatemeh, peace be upon her, is achievable, we have the sermon of Siddiqah Tahereh (Her nickname), we must understand and act accordingly."

President Raisi went on to elaborate further: "The sermon of Fatemeh Zahra speaks of four basic axes: One is the Qur'an, the second is justice, man and the salvation of man. If one studies all the aspects of this sermon, one will learn how to live."

Reisi elaborated: "Today, what is considerd as the duty is to know this great figure and this dear lady who is respected in all Abrahamic religions and is a role model for all human beings."

He called the holy existence of Hazrat Fatemeh as the source of all charity in the world.

Iran's President emphasized: "Today, some people do not want that Fatemeh would be known, they do not want our women, men, and youth to take her as their role models, and they try very hard to distance human beings from the culture and the originality of the divine beliefs of this Lady."

'Mother's & Women's Day' is observed in Iran, commemorating the birth anniversary of Hazrat Fatimeh (A.S.), daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)) every year.


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