Ardabil (IP)- Heavy snowfall in Ardebil province, northwestern Iran, has made difficulties in rural and mountainous areas, and the Red Crescent population is helping people stuck in the snow and severe cold.

Iran PressIran News: Last week, the northwestern regions of Iran, Ardebil, East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, and other areas in the west of the country, including Kurdistan, experienced heavy snowfall, causing most rural roads in these areas to be blocked, and the temperature dropped sharply.

Using helicopters, the Red Crescent population provides public and charitable aid to people stuck in rural and mountainous areas in severe snow and cold.

Using a helicopter, 301 operational forces, 47 ambulances, the Red Crescent Population helped the people trapped in the snow.

On Sunday, the Red Crescent population distributed food and bread packages to the villages of Nir city.


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