Tehran (IP) - On the occasion of the World Day of Customs, the Head of Iran's Customs presented a report of the body's performance during the past 10 months.

Iran PressIran news: Alireza Moqaddasi reported 234,000 import declarations equal to 33 million tons in weight and $41,473 billion of currency, which had respectively 17 and 34 percent increase compared to the last year. 

He added to the report 540,000 export declarations with 100 million tons in weight and 38.736 billion in currency, which showed respectively 7 and 38 percent growth compared to the last year. 

Moghaddasi mentioned Iraq, Turkey, China, UAE, and Afghanistan as the export destinations of Iran, and China, Swiss, Germany, and Turkey as the countries from where goods were imported to Iran. 

According to him in the very period, 2032 cases of smuggling worth 28,000 billion Rials were registered, 1,161 kg of drugs were discovered and seized.  


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