Tehran (IP) - Pointing out that the Islamic Development Coordination Council has a great position and mission in explaining the achievements and successes of the Islamic Revolution, the Iranian President said: "Today, the main mission of all bodies in the country is creating change in order to create hope in the society."

Iran PressIran news: Speaking on Tuesday in a meeting of the Fajr Celebration Headquarters, Ebrahim Raisi commemorated the memory of the great Imam Khomeini and martyrs of the Islamic Revolution and appreciated the activities of the Islamic Development Coordination Council from the beginning of the victory of the Islamic Revolution until now, especially Ayatollah Jannati's continuous efforts in this council.

He said: "Today, with creativity and initiative, it is necessary to take big steps towards the further development of this council, and in this direction, the period of the last 40 years will be a valuable experience for future steps".

The President stressed the need for change in all organs and institutions of the country, including the Islamic Development Coordination Council, and said: "Today, change in all organs is an urgent need."

Raisi added: "The main and pivotal mission of all organs of the country is to create change and try to explain the achievements to create vitality and hope in society."

The President pointed out: "The current of distortion and gossip seeks to create deviations in the path of reform and transformation through creating false atmosphere."

The President described "process change" as the second requirement for successful change and said: "It is necessary to review the decision-making process to be implemented and examine its impact on different groups."

Emphasizing the importance and necessity of using communication knowledge in the field of advertising, Raisi said: "Communication is a very important science today and using this knowledge along with the accumulated experiences can be useful in the impact of activities."

Stating that the Fajr and Bahman 22 celebrations are, in fact, a re-reading of the Islamic Revolution, Raisi said: "Today, the people want the institutions that have arisen from their will in the government and parliament to make up for the backwardness."

The President said: "The ceremony of the 10-day Fajr celebration and the 22nd of Bahman is not just a historical event and this ceremony has its own message every year".

Referring to the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran's positions in the regional and international arenas, Raisi stated: "The legitimacy of the Iranian nation lies in the hearts of the independent governments and nations of the world."

Referring to the importance of creating and strengthening the spirit of hope among the people, the President said: "The enemies are making great efforts to create despair and hopelessness, and in this regard, expressing the measures taken and the plans for implementation can increase hope in among people."

The President stated: "Today, any move to create hope among the people is a move towards the strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and any move is to create despair and hopelessness, a move towards the strategy of the enemy."

Raisi emphasized: "22 Bahman is the manifestation of hope among the people and the peak and manifestation of change that must continue".


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