Tehran (IP) – Iran's parliament approved the amendment to the Protocol on the Agreement on Encouragement and Mutual Support for Investment between the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Government of Croatia.

Iran PressIran news: The draft amendment to the Protocol to the Agreement on Encouragement and Mutual Support for Investment between the Governments of Iran and Croatia was discussed today in the open session of the Islamic Consultative Assembly. This agreement was approved by the parliament in May 2003, and the bill to amend its protocol was sent to the Islamic Consultative Assembly by the government in August 2022, which was approved in the parliament today.

The generalities and details of the bill were approved on Wednesday by the MPs, with 175 votes in favor.

The agreement shall let the necessary measures for both parties to maintain public order, to fulfill its obligations to maintain and restore international peace or security, or to protect its fundamental security interests, as well as measures to protect the life or health of humans, animals, or plants. It will not prevent living or non-living natural resources and national treasures of artistic, historical, or ancient value.

The protocol was set up in Zagreb on April 2, 2019, in two versions in Persian, Croatian, and English, all of which have the same validity. 

Croatia is interested in investing in Iran

Rahmat Norouzi, an Iranian representative, said in the parliament's session that Croatia is interested in investing in Iran and has had good cooperation with Tehran.

"We can start good trade, political and economic relations with Zagreb. The country is Iran's gateway to Iran," said Norouzi.

"We can build very strong and strong relations with Croatia and use the potential economic and trade opportunities of the country," he added.


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