Tehran (IP)- According to Iran's Hispan TV, Facebook had blocked the TV's account.

Iran Press/America: Over the past years, Facebook — along with YouTube, Twitter, and Google have repeatedly targeted media outlets of Iran and the countries critical of the West and the Israeli regime’s occupation of Palestine.

In a new attack against freedom of expression, Facebook has removed HispanTV's page (Iran's Spanish-language TV channel) without giving any explanations.

Facebook has "permanently" removed the page with more than 1,400,000 followers without prior notice.

Currently, the channel is using another alternative page: www.facebook.com/nexolatino, where it publishes its news highlights and other channel content.

The ongoing censorship against Iranian media doesn't stop. The way Facebook treats now shows us what to expect from Meta (metaverse) when an all-out control is in place," Ahmad Noroozi, the Head of the IRIB's World Service, tweeted.


The cause of this sanction, according to Facebook, was something surprising: "sharing pornographic content," an unfounded accusation, since the disclosure of this type of content is illegal according to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran itself.


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