Tehran (IP) - An Iranian company has managed to obtain clinical approval to treat diabetic, chronic, and bedsores by accelerating the process of treating various types of wounds, such as diabetic wounds, using nanotechnology to build a cold atmospheric pressure plasma device.

Iran PressIran news: Sara Fathollah, CEO of Iran Nanotechnology Company, said: "This device completely cleans the wound surface from bacteria, and causes the wound healing process to accelerate when the dressings are placed on the wound surface."

Fathollah added: "Another thing that this Iranian device does is that it stimulates cells due to the particles it produces, and one step speeds up the wound healing process."

She added: "Atmospheric cold plasma is produced by various methods such as helium gas, argon gas or without gas with DVD, each of which has its advantages."

"This device is currently clinically approved and is used in diabetes clinics to treat diabetic patients," she said.

Sara Fathollah added: ‌ Currently, in addition to use in Iran, we also have some requests from Malaysia and South America.


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