Fifty affiliated militants of the ISIS terrorist group surrendered in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan, a provincial official said on Sunday.

Iran PressAsia: "A total of 50 members of the ISIS terrorist group gave up fighting and surrendered to intelligence authorities in Nangarhar on Sunday," Mohammad Bashir, head of the provincial intelligence office, told reporters.

He said the surrendered militants were active in Khogiani, Chaparhar, Shiwa, Rodat, Mumand Dara and Kot districts of Nangarhar, a known ISIS terrorists' stronghold.

The ISIS terrorists have not responded to the report yet.

People; victims of White House, NATO presence, adventure in Afghanistan since 2001

The Afghan people have been the victims of the White House and NATO presence and adventure since 2001, when Afghanistan was occupied by the United States, until a few months ago that Washington declared an irresponsible exit from the country. 

All these years were spent in silence and inaction of human rights organizations and institutions.

In this difficult situation, the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to assist and cooperate in all possible ways to create lasting stability and security for the people of Afghanistan.


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Photo by Hamidullah/Xinhua
Photo by Hamidullah/Xinhua