Tehran (IP) - Tehran shoe market, where business owners no longer have shoes to sell and turn to home appliances business, caught fire on February 12 morning.

Iran PressIran news: The cause of the fire has not been officially announced, but urban decay could be the leading cause of the incident. For this reason, urban decay can be compared to a slow and silent bomb that threatens the residents and customers of Tehran Grand Bazaar at any moment. 

Tehran Fire Department Spokesman Jalal Maleki said firefighters contained the fire in due time, and their rapid reaction was acceptable.

Some of the board of trustees of the Bazaar said; Securing urban decay in the market is necessary, but the Ministry of Cultural Heritage(as site's custody) does not allow the owners and Tehran's municipality to reconstruct the place.

Of course, Gholamhossein Aram, the deputy governor of Tehran, promised to solve the problem.

Although the lack of death toll was considered good news in the incident, the sweetness of the good news got ineffective when Central Insurance announced that none of the shop owners had insured their property to be compensated. 


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