Shiraz (IP) - Brazil's Minister of Agriculture announced his country's readiness to expand cooperation with Iran in the field of agricultural production.

Iran Press/Iran news: Brazil is the world's eighth-largest economy and Iran's most important economic partner in the Americas, with $ 2033 billion in GDP and $ 400 billion in foreign trade per year.

Brazilian Minister of Agriculture Tereza Cristina arrived in Tehran at the official invitation of the Iranian Minister of Agriculture Javad Sadatinejad and traveled to Fars province (southern Iran) today (Thursday).

The Minister of Agriculture of Brazil, noting that there are excellent conditions for agriculture in Fars province, but is facing the problem of water shortage, said: "In Brazil, despite being in the tropics, there is no problem of drought and water shortage for agriculture, and Brazil can complement Iranian agriculture."

The Brazilian Minister of Agriculture emphasized that the exchange of urea chemical fertilizer with corn between Iran and Brazil will help advance the two countries' goals in the field of agriculture.

"We use agricultural land in Brazil three times a year, but in the agricultural industry we are in dire need of urea fertilizer and we are looking to buy urea fertilizer for agricultural development," added Theresa Cristina.


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