Tehran (IP) – Shahin minesweeper ship was built by Iran's Marine Industries Organization (MIO) and joined the Navy Fleet of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran on June 14, 2021.

Iran PressIran news: Shahin minesweeper ship has a length of 33 meters and a width of 11 meters, and a 180 cm water intake.

Designing and constructing the first Iranian minesweeper 'Shahin' commenced in 2013 to detect, identify, and destroy various types of floor, submerged, and floating naval mines using composite technology and the ground effect vehicle technology in the form of two hulls (catamaran).

The ship reached the operation stage by performing more than four executive activities and installing more than 60 mechanical, installation, mobility, power and electronics, and navigation systems.

Using sandwich panel composite technology in the design and construction of the floating hull to reduce weight and create high strength, the use of ground effect vehicle technology by creating air cushions in the chest and heel of the ship in order to reduce the water intake and thus significantly reduce the body pressure on the water and sensors of the offshore mines, the use of the first indigenous floating position stabilization system called 'DP1', high-precision minesweeper sonar system, and design and construction of the first hovering system is one of the most important new and native technologies.

The design and construction of the first ROV long-range underwater remote control robotic minesweeper system is another innovation in this ship. This device can identify mines planted on the seafloor or floating anchor mines and determine their exact location. Mine-clearance divers use this information to destroy the mines. With a length of 2.25 meters and a weight of 320 kg with a maximum speed of 11 km per hour, this device has a small sonar and is controlled by a light cable two thousand meters from the ship. The maximum depth for this device is 400 meters.

One of the most essential capabilities of Shahin minesweeper ship is the resistance of the structure against shocks caused by underwater explosions, magnetic, acoustic, and very low compressive effects against the sensors of various types of naval mines, its maneuverability, durability, and proper balance at sea according to the type of floating hull design and resistant to corrosion at sea according to the floating composite technology.


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