Yemeni fighters announced they were suspending missile and drone strikes on Saudi Arabia for three days, in a peace initiative it says could be a lasting commitment if the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen stopped air strikes and lifted port restrictions.

Iran Press/Middle East: The statement comes a day after a wave of drone and missile attacks hit targets across Saudi Arabia.

The Yemeni Ansarullah movement also announced a three-day suspension of ground offensive operations in Yemen, including in the gas-producing region of Marib, said Mahdi al-Mashat, the head of the movement's political office, in a speech broadcast on television.

The Yemeni fighters launched broad attacks on Saudi Arabia on Friday, including on an oil facility in Jeddah, causing a massive fire and a huge plume of black smoke.

Eight people were reportedly killed.

On Saturday, at least seven people were reported to have been killed in air raids conducted by the Saudi-led coalition on Sanaa and Hodeidah.

According to the Yemeni sources, the attack by the coalition hit a power plant, a fuel supply station, and the state-run social insurance office in the capital.

Lifting restrictions imposed by the coalition's warships on the Red Sea Yemeni ports has been a major condition from the Ansarullah movement for a ceasefire. Saudi Arabia claims there is no blockade on the ports and it is only preventing arms smuggling.

Mashat said Saturday's initiative would last if the Saudi-led coalition reopened the ports and stopped its airstrikes. In exchange for extending the suspension of ground offensive operations, he said Saudi Arabia must announce a withdrawal of foreign troops from Yemen and stop supporting local militias.