NASA has confirmed the largest comet ever has been detected and it's heading our way!

Iran PressSci & Tech: NASA's Hubble telescope has determined that a comet, which has a mass of around 500 trillion tonnes and is 137km wide, is heading our way at about 35.405 km per hour.

However, we shouldn't be worried as the closest it will get is more than a billion kilometers from the sun, and that won't be until 2031, although it will be visible from our planet, Marca reported.

The aforementioned comet was first spotted back in 2010, but now Hubble has confirmed its size and it is bigger than any comet astronomers have seen before.

"We've always suspected this comet had to be big because it is so bright at such a large distance," stressed David Jewitt, a professor of planetary science and astronomy at the University of California, Los Angeles.

"Now we confirm it is. This comet is literally the tip of the iceberg for many thousands of comets that are too faint to see in the more distant parts of the solar system."


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