Commentary (IP) - World Quds Day is coming and again, there pops up to the mind that if Holocaust happened against the Jews many years ago in Germany, why should the people of Palestine pay for it.

Iran PressCommentary: It is for about 43 years that the people of the world have held rallies on the occasion of Quds Day, under the initiative of the founder of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, to protest the Israeli occupation of Palestine and support the oppressed people of the country. 

Since 1948 when the US-backed regime of Israel occupied the Muslim country, it has constantly been clashing with the Palestinian people, killing them, jailing them, destroying their homes, and constructing new settlements for the Zionist settlers.

For about 74 years, the Israeli regime has occupied Palestine under the pretext of the so-called Holocaust and that the Jews must have a country of their own.

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OK, but why should the people of Palestine pay for such an incident as Holocaust, if not fabricated, that has occurred in, let's say, Germany?

The Israelis even have not sufficed to invade Palestine. They attacked other countries in the vicinity of Palestine, including south of Lebanon, Syria's Golan Heights, and Jordan, and occupied them. 

And for 74 years, the world's media, states, and international communities have just preferred to keep silent. 

Verily, why is that the case that the West, led by the US, quickly provided Israel with arms to murder the Palestinian people who do not want their land to be occupied? 

Why does Israel has accumulated a large number of nuclear arms in its arsenals in the occupied lands?

Which nation is Israeli seeking to target with its nuclear warheads?

Why the Israeli regime has put a blockade on the Palestinian nation?

Why the advocates of human rights and the international communities are silent?

Nevertheless, look at the Western media's agenda these days, and you see that for less than two months after Russia invaded Ukraine, the media have all been mobilized to cover the Ukrainians' being oppressed. 

Well! Where is Palestine on their charming screens? Why does no one ask why Palestinian babies are killed in Israeli attacks?

It is as if the media, states, and international bodies are situated in a world order to exclude the Israeli troops and the Palestinian people; to ignore the made-in-US bombs, the Saudis are pouring on the Yemeni nation.

So it is this rule that makes the plan: To be with Israel or not to be; that's the issue!

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But one emerging power, the Islamic Republic of Iran, has disobeyed the rule since the victory of the Islamic Revolution 43 years ago.

On the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, by the initiative of the Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini, people across the world show united support for the oppressed people of Palestine to be the voice of the voiceless people of Palestine.

Today, Iran's policy toward the Palestinian issue is pinpointed: The Islamic Republic of Iran supports anybody who supports the Palestinian cause and fights the Israeli regime anywhere in the world. 

Quds Day is coming, and the question remains; Why should the Palestinians pay for Holocaust?


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