In response to Israel's largest military drills to date, the Palestinian Resistance factions announced that they are highly prepared for any blunder.

Iran PressMiddle East: The joint operations room of the Palestinian Resistance in Gaza is raising the state of alert and preparedness of all of its wings and military formations, the Palestinian Resistance said in a statement on Monday.

The joint operations room underscored that it is permanently monitoring the actions of the Israeli occupation in case "Tel Aviv" commits any blunder against the Palestinian people.

The statement came in light of the Israeli occupation launching the largest military drills in its history in occupied Palestine, codenamed "Chariots of Fire", as the region undergoes high tensions.

"We assure our people that your Resistance will remain a protective shield for you and your cause," the factions' statement read.

Israeli media reports earlier indicated that Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett had pushed for a "desirable offensive operation in the Gaza Strip," while Security Minister Benny Gantz, the IOF, and the Shin Bet pushed for attacks on the occupied West Bank.

This comes as Israeli media reported that Israeli occupation Prime Minister Naftali Bennett discussed with his advisers the possibility of an early election.

According to the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, informed sources said, "Bennett estimated that the government, which he leads, would fall in the coming weeks."

The Israeli occupation government could be pushing for aggression on occupied Palestine in a bid to extend its incumbency as fears of an unseating of the Israeli officials mount.

The Israeli occupation is experiencing a political crisis caused by the resignation of the head of the coalition government and member of the Yamina party, Idit Silman, which led to the Bennett-Lapid coalition losing a majority in the Knesset.

Israeli media had quoted officials close to the former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as saying that the aim is to hold an election instead of forming a government in the current Knesset.