Tehran (IP) - Ahmad Reza Jalali is one of the most important intelligence agents of the Israeli regime (Mossad), who was identified and arrested by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran PressIran News: After completing his medical studies, Jalali entered the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education of Iran and worked in the crisis headquarters of that ministry.

The defendant entered into a joint project with the Ministry of Defense of Iran due to his career. After the end of this project, he resumed his cooperation with the Ministry of Defense in an important research institute.

The Mossad spy has left Iran in parallel with cooperating with several important ministries and was trying to find contacts in the country in a new cover this time. During a training and research course in a European country, Jalali embarked on an intelligence tour of the Israeli regime's intelligence service and began cooperating with Mossad with a Mossad agent as his contact.

In his confession, this Iranian national introduced the Mossad agent as a regular and orderly person who asked him to cooperate in safety and accidents.

The Mossad agent asks Jalali to take his family out of Iran and inform him of his background in Iran; At this stage, Jalali was carefully evaluated by the Mossad.

Mossad led Jalali step by step towards its goals and prepared him to spy inside Iran. In his confession, Jalali says: "Most of his meetings with Mossad officers under cover of job interviews were about projects in the Iranian defense sector, which he attended alongside individuals such as Martyr Shahriari and Martyr Ali Mohammadi."

One of the most critical demands of Mossad from Jalali has been to gather information about scientists in Iran's nuclear industry and categorize them.

From this stage on, Jalali realized that he would play the role of a spy for a security organization.

This enemy mercenary attends over 50 meetings with Mossad agents and receives sums for participating in discussions. In addition, Mossad promised Jalali citizenship in a Western European country.

This Mossad spy provided the Mossad with complete information (workplace, commute, and residence) of some elite Iranian scientists like Shahriari and Ali Mohammadi. This infamous organization provided the data gathered by its mercenary agent and its assassination branch to carry out its assassination operations.

A very thought-provoking subject about Ahmad Reza Jalali is that, due to the temporary stay of this spy in Sweden and his involvement with Mossad in the same country, the Swedish government, at the request of the Israeli regime, after his arrest in Iran, granted permanent residence. After his trial and death sentence, he was granted Swedish citizenship.

According to Zabihullah Khodaeian, Spokesman for the Iranian Judiciary, the death sentence verdict for this spy has been issued.


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