Syria (IP): The US military base in North-Eastern Syria was hit by at least two rockets.

Iran PressMiddle East: For a decade, the United States occupied Syria's oil-rich areas under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

Former United States President Donald Trump has made it clear that the US military presence in Syria is due to oil wells.

According to the official Syrian news agency (SANA), at least two rockets were fired at a US military base in the city of al-Shaddadi on Tuesday morning.

According to Military sources in Syria, the origin of the attack that targeted the US base was at a point on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The number of casualties still is unknown.

Further details on the possible damage or casualties of the rocket attack or who is responsible for it have not been released.

SANA also announced on Saturday that the US military had transferred 70 tankers carrying oil extracted from oil fields to Iraq.

In addition to oil and diesel, the Americans also smuggle large quantities of Syrian wheat and grain to Iraq for military use weekly, widely reported in the media.


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