Lebanon (IP) - Lebanese politician says Hezbollah prevented the electoral rivals from leading the country to a civil war.

Iran PressMiddle East: The head of the Lebanese faction 'Loyalty to Resistance' Mohammad Ra'ad addressed the rivals of the Hezbollah Movement in the recent election and said: " If you don't seek a national government in Lebanon, you are indeed bringing the country to abyss."

"We accept you as our rival in parliament, but we do not let you in any way to act a shield for Israel," he stressed. 

Ra'ad said that as long as Hezbollah's rivals behave with feud and hatred, they would fail to contribute to constructing and improving Lebanon. 

Lebanon's parliamentary elections were held on Sunday, May 16, with an approximately 41% of turn-out 

Hezbollah and its allies won a majority of 71 seats when Lebanon last voted in 2018. 


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