Tehran (IP) - Iranian President said that the Department of Environment should mobilize all its resources to solve dust problem in interaction with neighbours.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking in a cabinet meeting this Wednesday morning, Ebrahim Raisi referred to the increase in pollution and dust in some provinces across the country, especially Khuzestan province, and said: "An effective solution to this issue requires cooperation with the region and neighboring countries."

Accordingly, the President instructed the Department of Environment to cooperate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant agencies to solve the problem of air pollution through consultation with neighboring countries.

In another part of his speech, referring to the need to ensure the country's food security, the President called self-sufficiency in basic goods strategic and said: "Apart from daily routine work, basic and infrastructural measures should not be neglected."

Raisi added: "Production is a fundamental and infrastructural issue, and by strengthening domestic production, we must achieve self-sufficiency in the next few years and in the shortest possible time, so that we do not need other countries."

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Raisi continued by emphasizing the need for the inclusion of all agencies in making decisions, saying: "All elements of the government should evaluate all aspects in decision-making, so that accurate and workable decision can be made."

In another part of his speech, the President referred to the need for a precise and comprehensive explanation of the government's plan for the fair distribution of subsidies to the people to counter some skepticism, and said: "The government's economic and information teams and related agencies should clear things up for people and calm the public opinion and the market by explaining things thoroughly."

Iranian President described self-sufficiency in basic goods as a strategic issue and emphasized: "The Ministry of Agricultural Jihad should cooperate with other institutions, including science and knowledge-based centres, to come up with a plan so that the country becomes self-sufficient in the production of basic goods as soon as possible".


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