Tehran (IP)- The opening ceremony of Iran's Cultural Heritage Week and World Museum Day was held at the National Museum under "Cultural Heritage, National Power and People's Government."

Iran Press/Iran news: On Wednesday, May 18, is World Museum Day and the start of Cultural Heritage Week in Iran. Visits to museums, palaces, historical collections, buildings, and historical sites are free.

The Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage issued a statement stating that the purpose of holding Cultural Heritage Week is to promote knowledge and literacy of the community, better and more cultural heritage through the media, attract more cooperation of elites, associations and non-governmental organizations, and take advantage of the opportunity to express services and Announced its performance. Ali Darabi, Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, called cultural heritage the identity of each nation and said: "Diversity in a country shows the nation's identity." 

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Darabi pointed to four principles in cultural heritage, including؛ change, development, transformation, and technology. The Ministry of Cultural Heritage is drafting a vision document, a transformation plan, a seventh national development plan, and a museum document.

Alireza Delkhosh, Director General of Public Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also said that the interaction between the fields is the interaction between the cultures. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will support connections between museums in civilization-making countries. 


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