Tehran (IP) - The Chairman of the Iranian-Chinese Joint Chamber of Commerce in Iran says the Iranian economy in the Persian Gulf integrates with the Chinese economy.

Iran Press/Iran news: The second conference on the development of economic cooperation between Iran and China was held in Tehran on Wednesday, where a group of economic activists of the two countries examined the capacities for shoring up economic relations.

Mohammad-Reza Hariri said the economic ties between Iran and China showed the high potential of the trade ties, noting that good political relations could lead to the betterment of economic relations. 

Hariri said that despite the sanctions, the two countries recorded over $30 billion of trade.

The Deputy Head of Political and International Studies Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the mutual image of the Chinese and Iranian from each other in their countries were manipulated by the West, creating a gap between the two nations. 

Khalil Shirgholami stated that the depth of China's developments in Iran was not yet fully understood, and stressed that the cultural and popular attachments should be added to Iran-China relations.

Shirgholami also pointed to the 25-year agreement between Iran and China and called it a difficult starting point for the relevant cooperation, but it could turn into a comprehensive agreement fully covering the political, technological, and economic relations of the two countries.  

Signed on 27 March 2021, the Iran-China 25-year memorandum of understanding is a long-term road map that defines the two countries’ cooperation in various economic, political, cultural, and parliamentarian sections.