(IP)- On Wednesday, Russia said that an additional 694 more fighters had surrendered, bringing the total number to 959.

Iran PressEurope: Mariupol is the biggest city Russia has captured and allows Russian President Vladimir Putin to claim a victory in the operation it began on Feb. 24.
Moscow has focussed on the southeast in recent offensives after pulling away from Kyiv. 

Russian defense ministry posted videos of what it said were Ukrainian fighters receiving hospital treatment after surrendering at Azovstal.

Ukraine has ordered its garrison in Mariupol to stand down, but the outcome of Europe's bloodiest battle for decades remains unresolved.
Top commanders of Ukrainian fighters who had made their last stand at the Azovstal steelworks in the port city are still inside the plant, according to the leader of pro-Russian separatists in control of the area, Denis Pushilin, quoted by local news agency DNA on Wednesday.
Ukrainian officials have declined to comment publicly on the fate of the fighters.


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