Tehran (IP)- Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs on Monday met with his Kazakh counterpart in Tehran to discuss expanding relations and strengthening economic and cultural ties.

Iran PressIran news: Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs met with his Kazakh counterpart Adel Tursanev in Tehran on Monday.

In the meeting, Ali Bagheri referred to the policy of the 13th Iranian administration to give priority to ties with neighboring countries, saying there are numerous areas in which Iran and Kazakhstan can expand their relations, especially in the political, economic, and regional spheres.

Fortunately, he added that these ties could significantly help strengthen peace and stability in the region. The Iranian deputy foreign minister pointed to the familiar civilizational and cultural realm of the two Muslim countries and underlined the need to boost ties as much as possible. Bagheri noted the prerequisite for this issue is to define joint projects for Iranian and Kazakh businesspeople and the support of the two governments for these initiatives.

Bagheri then announced the readiness of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to host the Kazakh president in Tehran and for his successful visit. He further underlined the need for using this opportunity to institutionalize the ties between the two countries and draw up cooperation deals. Adel Tursanev, for his part, spoke about the upcoming visit of the Kazakh president to Iran and described it as necessary for resetting bilateral ties.

Tursanev underscored that the visit would result in the conclusion of significant deals, mainly in the economic field. He then referred to the holding of the SICA summit in Kazakhstan and described the Iranian president's presence at the conference as significant.

The Kazakh deputy foreign minister agreed with his Iranian counterpart's view about the need to expand bilateral ties between the two countries private sectors and said his government would facilitate the activity of Iranian merchants in Kazakhstan. In the meeting, the two officials exchanged views about different aspects of expanding ties at bilateral, regional, and international levels.

They also referred to the shared stance of Iran and Kazakhstan on Afghanistan and noted that fighting terrorism, extremism, narcotrafficking, and human rights are other issues over which Iran and Kazakhstan can work together. 


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