Tehran(IP)- The spokesman for the Football Federation Islamic Republic of Iran said that the political machination of the Canadian authorities in cancelling the preparation match of the Iranian national team against Canada has affected the issue.

Iran PressIran news: The preparation match between the national football teams of Iran and Canada was scheduled to take place on June 6 in Vancouver, but on Thursday the Canadian Football Federation unilaterally announced the cancellation of this friendly match.

The Football Association of Canada has previously stated that it is determined to host a purely sporting event to prevent any political abuse by well-known anti-Iran groups.

"Ehsan Osuli," the spokesman of the Iranian Football Federation, said on Thursday after the cancellation of the Iranian national team's match against Canada: "Any team that cancels the contract is obliged to pay for material and moral damages."

The spokesman of the Football Federation of Iran stated: "Canada has unilaterally canceled this game and no breach of contract has been made by the football of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Football Federation of Iran is pursuing its demands to cancel this game."

Earlier, Saeed Khatibzadeh, spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on Tuesday that the Canadian side was responsible for the consequences of violating the agreement on the terms of the Iran-Canada national football match.

He stated: Unfortunately, contrary to what has been claimed, the sportiest thing has become a plaything of party orientations and political lineup within Canada.


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