Tehran (IP) - The interim leader of Tehran's Friday Prayers says the victory of Hezbollah in the May 16 Lebanese Parliamentary Elections was a bitter pill for the Israeli regime and the US to swollow.

Iran PressIran News: During the Friday Prayers' sermon on May 27, Hojjatoleslam Kazem Seddighi pointed to the recent parliamentary elections in Lebanon and said: "The US-backed Saudi Arabia endured heavy costs to have its elements won the Lebanon's Elections, but it got disappointed."

The last vote in 2018 saw Lebanon’s Hezbollah Resistance Movement and its allies, the Christian Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) and the Shia Amal party of Speaker Nabih Berri, secure a majority by winning 71 of the seats.

Hojjatoeslam Seddighi said that the Lebanese people did not pay attention to the hardships coming from the inflation in the country and despite the Saudis' lavish spending, they supported Hezbollah and the Resistance's candidates in the Lebanese elections.

The economic crisis began in 2019, and led to a currency collapse of some 95 percent and the plunging of more than 80 percent of the Lebanese population into poverty.

The Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement said voters in Lebanon face a choice in the upcoming Parliamentary Elections between a faction whose main concern is Lebanon and one that seeks to please the United States.


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