Tehran (IP) - The chancellor of Tehran's Medical University says the university is welcomed by other countries such that students from over 20 countries are studying at the university.

Iran PressIran news: Hossein Ghena'ati told Iran Press on Tuesday on the sidelines of the 'International Day' celebration ceremony that the foreign students studying at the university followed their acquiring the Iranian culture and language. 

This way the Iranian honors in moral, cultural, and historical were introduced to the world, Hossain Ghena'ati told the IP correspondent. 

He highlighted the Iranian medical achievements in the transplantation of liver, heart, and kidneys as well as cancer treatment, and said that there was yet to introduce the achievements and capabilities to the world. 

"The trust in the Iranian physicians is to the extent that Iranians residing abroad prefer to have the surgical operation in Iran as their option," he added.

As with manufacturing medical equipment also the chancellor of Tehran Medical University said that currently the Iran-made neuronavigation device to seven countries including Germany.

Tehran University held the ceremony of 'International Day' with the foreign students studying at the university attended re ceremony, to shore up ties with other countries' universities.

During the International Day celebration, a number of foreign and Iranian students were honored.