Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Mahan Air has reacted to the reports alleging that a Venezuelan Boeing 747 belonging to the Iranian airline is detained in Argentina, saying that the airliner does not belong to Mahan Air. 

Iran PressIran News: Mahan Air Public Relations said in a statement on Sunday: “The ownership of this airliner has been transferred to a Venezuelan company for a year and is not leased to the airline.”

“The seizure of this plane, in the name of Mahan Air, has political purposes,” it added.

“The flight is operated by Venezuelan Airlines and has nothing to do with Mahan Air,” the statement said.

Media reports on Sunday claimed an Iranian Boeing 747 belonging to Mahan Air was seized in Argentina.

There was no official confirmation of the report.

According to Aviacionline, a Boeing 747-300M with registration YV3531, belonging to Emtrasur Cargo, the freight division of the Venezuelan flag carrier Conviasa, has been detained in Buenos Aires’ Ezeiza Airport.

Based on the report, last Monday, June 6, the dense fog that covered Buenos Aires’ airports forced operators to proceed to alternate destinations. The Boeing 747-300M took off from Querétaro (Mexico) late on June 5, transporting parts for an automotive factory and heading to Buenos Aires’ Ezeiza Airport.

Due to the foggy conditions, the aircraft discarded Ezeiza and landed at Córdoba airport at noon on June 6. A few hours later, the aircraft departed from Cordoba to complete its planned trip and landed at Ezeiza around 3 pm. 

The report says a group of governmental agencies approached the 747 as it landed in Buenos Aires and detained the plane.


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