Tehran (IP) - An Iran-made antibacterial nanofiber wound dressing has the ability to be assembled with a device that can evaluate wounds.

Iran PressIran News: Wound dressings have been used to clean, cover, and protect the wound from the external environment. A wound dressing must provide a moist environment, remove the excess of exudate, avoid maceration, protect the wound from infection and maintain an adequate exchange of gases.

"All the components of this presented design, unlike the wound dressings available in the market, have the ability of antibacterial and wound healing at the same time, both in comparison with the domestic and foreign samples," said Azam Parviz in an exclusive interview with Iran Press, who has designed the product and is part of a start-up.

A start-up is a company or project undertaken by an entrepreneur to seek, develop, and validate a scalable business model. 

Start-ups usually go through a zero-to-100 process of turning ideas into products using elite and educated efforts. Recently, technology-based companies and start-ups have received more attention than ever before, and governments encourage digital home products and services and online markets.

Parviz noted that this type of nanofiber wound dressing could even be assembled with a device and use sensors that can assess the wound environment.

She said: "My work is a prototype and initial laboratory evaluations have been done and in this direction, I need investors to develop the work and in the domestic and foreign markets to be able to offer a good product. we can heal wounds that are the most important human suffering."


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