Tehran(IP)- The designer and winner of the top startup said that the Resistance Gas Sensor (RGS) measures particles based on the compaction resistance of the container, and these sensors do not have a foreign industrial sample; in fact, this sample is not in the global industrial market."

Iran Press/Iran news:  A ceremony honoring the top startups of martyrs' families and war veterans was held on June 19, 2022, together with the memorial of the martyred scientist Dr. Mostafa Chamran in the conference hall of the Radio and Television of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Parisa Ghavimi, Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics, Top winner in the gas resistance sensor project, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press, pointed to the advantages of his gas sensor design and said there is currently a Chinese MQ sensor on the market, which is primarily disposable. When placed in the circuit, their temperature must be heated to 270 to 300 degrees and start working. It takes a long time for these types of sensors to respond and re-detect hydrogen gas, so they must be cooled to return to normal and restart if this design of our gas sensor does not meet these conditions.

Moreover, Somayeh Ghavimi, while complaining about the lack of support, said: "In 1999, when we became the first in the startup, we were supposed to be supported so that we could industrialize at least ten samples of this sensor, but so far no financial support has been provided, and we remain in the laboratory phase."


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