Tehran (IP) – The unveiling ceremony of a bio boost probiotic supplement of the Takgene Group and Lacto vision Accelerator was held on Wednesday evening in the presence of the Vice-President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari.

Iran PressIran news: "Bio Boost" is a natural product of beneficial living bacteria and essential vitamins and minerals. This product can improve intestinal-pulmonary function by producing valuable bacterial by-products (metabolites) and strengthen the immunity system in the face of pathogens. Bio Boost also doubles the function of the body's defense system due to its vitamin D, zinc, and selenium.

Bio Boost improves the quality of life of people in the community by reducing the severity of respiratory infections, reducing the incidence of infections, helping to cure allergic diseases, and helping to supply the body with energy.

After nearly two years of research activity and a clinical trial on 430 COVID patients, Bio Boost probiotic supplement has entered the market after obtaining food and drug licenses.

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The COVID-19 and the cultural changes that have taken place in recent years have caused the functional group of immune-boosting supplements to occupy a significant share of the market of food supplements produced in the world compared to other functional groups under the above conditions; this growing trend will continue.

The amount of sales of dietary supplements in the functional group helped strengthen the immunity system; according to official statistics announced by the Ministry of Health, in the Iranian year 1399, it amounted to 8.466 billion rials and 16.5% of the total Iranian dietary supplement market.

Bio Boost, consisting of 12 vitamins and minerals and three probiotic strains, is expected to save about $ 10 million in foreign exchange during the first three years of market entry. 


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