Tehran (IP) – Chairman of the board of directors of Takgene Group says that the company currently has 20 probiotic products for livestock, poultry and aquaculture, and owns 4% of the market.

Iran PressIran News: On the sideline of the unveiling of the company's new product named "Bio Boost", Mahmoud Moqtadaei told Iran Press that the branch of microorganisms was introduced to the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade for the first time by Takgene Group and was produced and entered the industry in Iran with the latest methods.

He said entering the food industry was the company's next step, as the Takgene Group exclusively produces probiotic products (including dairy) available in the market.

"The pharmaceutical industry was the next step of the company and now we have more than ten probiotic products on the market, including three products for children, three for digestion, one for women, one for diabetics and for the first time in the world, a probiotic product for fatty liver is also seen among these products," chairman of the board of directors of Takgene Group pointed.

"We are currently producing two probiotic medicines for MS and Alzheimer's, which will enter the market soon after obtaining the necessary licenses," he highlighted.

Regarding the Bio Boost that was unveiled today, he said: "This product is designed for respiratory diseases, which was a very effective drug in the time of the pandemic and is still used to treat the flu."

In the end, Moqtadaei said: "Takgene Group started its work with three people and now has more than three hundred staff members who have a master's degree or higher."


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