Bojnurd(IP)- Iran's President upon his arrival in Bojnurd, North Khorasan province, on Thursday morning, stressed developing the border market with the neighboring countries, including Turkmenistan.

Iran PressIran news: Ebrahim Raisi has arrived in Bojnurd on his1-day provincial tour to North Khorasan province.

President Raisi is visiting North Khorasan North-Eastern Iran as a part of his provincial tour to different provinces all across Islamic Iran on Thursdays.

Iran's President called North Khorasan province where people are committed to the principles of the Islamic Revolution.

He also said that North Khorasan has appeared to play a shining role in the sacred defense.

Ebrahim Raisi stressed that all the unfinished projects should be finalized in the newly formed North Khorasan.

Urging the job creation for the North Khorasan province, Iran's President moreover referred to the educated population of this province and stressed the need for the betterment of employment.


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