Tehran (IP) - The Russian Foreign Minister met with Iran's President and Foreign Minister in Tehran.

Iran PressIran news: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who is in Tehran at the invitation of Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, will discuss with Iranian officials issues related to a long-term cooperation agreement and the development of bilateral economic relations amid tightening sanctions imposed by West.

Cooperation in the field of regional security in relation to Syria and Afghanistan will also be among the main topics of the talks.

The issue of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is also among the issues that the senior Russian diplomat discussed with his Iranian counterpart.

The visit comes after Lavrov said in a telephone conversation with Amir-Abdollahian on June 3 that he was pleased with his upcoming visit to Iran and that relations between the two countries were expanding in all aspects.

In this conversation, which took place before the issuance of the resolution of the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency against Iran, the Russian Foreign Minister had stressed his country's firm opposition to this resolution and said: "The issues on the agenda of cooperation between Iran and the IAEA must be resolved in a technical way."

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The Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia share strategic interests in bilateral fields, especially economic, military and security relations, as well as in regional and international issues, such as countering unilateralism, and this has been one of the main factors of close bilateral cooperation in recent years.

Russia has common views with Iran on regional and global political and security issues, such as Syria, as well as the growing US influence in West Asia and its traditional areas of influence. Since September 2015, at the height of the Syrian crisis, Tehran and Moscow have expanded cooperation in the fight against international terrorism, which is one of the effective factors in preventing the spread of instability in the region.

In addition to the growing political relations between Iran and Russia, trade and economic relations between the two countries are also growing. Iran-Russia trade volume reached $4.5 billion in 2021, while in 2019 it was only $1.6 billion.

In 2000, Iran and Russia signed a 20-year agreement entitled "Law on the Treaty on the Basis of Reciprocal Relations and Principles of Cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation," and now the two countries are seeking a new agreement for long-term cooperation, terms of which are especially in the economic arena.

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The connection of Iranian railways to Russia through Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan and the expansion of transit goods, as well as customs activities in the southern part of Russia with Iran, are among the areas of trade cooperation between the two countries.

The two sides have so far signed four documents to achieve this goal and complete the transport infrastructure.

Currently, the development of trade cooperation, the expansion of long-term cooperation and the removal of some obstacles and efforts to neutralize sanctions are seriously on the agenda of the officials of the two countries, and the Russian Foreign Minister's visit to Tehran and consultations with officials It can be evaluated in the same context.

Alexander Mariasov, the former Russian ambassador to Iran, has talked about the importance and future of relations between the two countries: "The consensus of the Iranian foreign policy community on the importance of Russia for Tehran as a partner in a multipolar world system and Moscow's support for Iran's integration into Eurasian multilateral institutions such as the Eurasian Economic Union and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization show that Russia-Iran relations will remain stable.

By Hassan Aghighi-Salmasi


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