Damascus (IP) -The eighth round of the HI-Tech exhibition started its work in Damascus with the participation of 20 countries, and Iran is active in the event.

Iran PressMiddle East: Since the war began in Syria, the country's infrastructures suffered huge damages amounting to a hundred million dollars.

Communications and telecommunications, as important software and hardware infrastructures, suffered a lot in the imposed war as well.

With the gradual return of peace to Syria and especially Damascus, the infrastructures, including communications and technology, are on the way to development and restoration. Holding Tech exhibitions can expedite the restoration of the war damages.

A specialized international exhibition of telecommunications, computers and electronics was inaugurated on Thursday afternoon in Syria's capital, Damascus, to introduce the most famous brands in computers, electronics, and telecommunications.

On the sideline of the inauguration ceremony of the exhibition, Syria's minister of technology said holding the show provides an opportunity to become familiar with the latest technologies of telecommunications, computers, and electronics in the West and other world countries.

Iran's ambassador to Syria, Mehdi Sobhani, also said 25 percent of the participating firms in the exhibition are Iranian, adding that Iran is ready to exchange its experience with Syria in different fields of communications and information technology.

In the HI-Tech exhibition, which will be held till June 27th, 2022, the visitors will get familiar with the latest developments in informatics, the internet, computer, and communications.

Some innovations and achievements in the global industry will also be showcased.

In this round of tech exhibitions, 180 domestic and international brands from 20 countries, including 15 Iranian firms, will take part and present their products.


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