Tehran (IP) - The Leader of the Islamic Revolution received the judiciary chief and some high-ranking judiciary officials on Tuesday.

Iran PressIran news: On the anniversary of the Tir 7 (June 28) terrorist attack and the martyrdom of Ayatollah Beheshti and his companions, and on the occasion of National Week of the Judiciary, this morning (Tuesday), the head and officials of the Judiciary met with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

Leader: Enemy has pinned hope on weaknesses and shortcomings

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, in a meeting with the chief and officials of the Judiciary, while narrating the terrible and bitter events of 1981, said: "The enemy has pinned hope to weaknesses and shortcomings in these four decades, but he has repeatedly been disappointed."

Excerpts from the remarks of the Leader of the Revolution:

I cherish the memory of Ayatollah Beheshti; may God bless him. Also, as all the martyrs who accompanied him, as well as all the martyrs of the Judiciary.

Martyr Beheshti was a prominent figure; may God bless him and grant him peace. In the years before the revolution's victory, from the time he came from abroad to the time of his martyrdom, we had close and constant cooperation with him; he was a prominent figure.

He was the same in many organizations we worked on together. In the Revolutionary Council, the late Ayatollah Taleghani was elected chairman of the Revolutionary Council. Still, the same group unanimously believed that he needed a deputy chairman and that the deputy chairman was Mr. Beheshti, and they elected him.

The administration of the Revolutionary Council was the responsibility of the late Mr. Beheshti, even during the life of the late Mr. Taleghani.

In the days of 7 Tir (June 28, 1981), the situation was like a civil war. The elements of the MKO had taken everything they could from the razor blade until everything else at their disposal against the lives of the people and the IRGC members; Tehran was at war.

Almost a week before the 7th of Tir, the incompetence of the then President in the parliament was realized, and he was dismissed. In other words, the country without a president was in such a political situation.

The country without President lost a pillar-like Beheshti 

About two months later, the new President and the prime minister were martyred together in a meeting; Shortly afterward, several senior officials from the Army and IRGC were martyred in a plane crash; Martyr Fallahi, Martyr Fakuri, ‌Martyr Kolahdooz, and the like.

I mean, where have you seen all these bitter incidents, horrible incidents, and devastating blows in less than three months? So which country do you know, and which government do you know that can stand up to all these events and not fail?

You, as the Judiciary, are such a system

The people stood up, the Imam stood proud like Mount Damavand, the compassionate officials and the revolutionary youth stood up, and they changed the situation dramatically.

When these events took place - whether in the martyrdom of Martyr Beheshti or in subsequent events - the enemy rejoiced. They were excited and hoped this revolutionary system would be dismantled, But they were disappointed.

They were disappointed that day; this disappointment has been repeated many times in these four decades. The enemy, at one juncture, pinned hope on one thing, to weakness, to a lack of hope in the system of the Islamic Republic and then; This has happened many times, but the enemy's problem is that he cannot understand the secret of this despair, he cannot discern it.

It cannot understand why; What is the reason the Islamic Republic can stand up under all the pressure every time, stand on its own feet and continue on its way? It does not understand this.

They could not understand that in the human world, apart from political calculations and relations, there are other calculations and relations that they cannot understand; they are divine traditions.

Divine laws and divine traditions are not changeable. These divine laws are pious laws. God has no kinship with any one. To say that we are Muslims, and I am a Shia, and we are the Islamic Republic. So we do not do whatever our heart desires. We are no different from others.

In 1981, in the face of all these incidents, we were able to stand on our own feet and disappoint the enemy, and today we can. The God of the 80s decade is the God of this year, the God of difficult times and different times.

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