Deputy Secretary-General of Afghanistan's red crescent society called on the world community to help quake-stricken Afghans in Paktika and Khost provinces.

Iran PressAsia: A 6.1 magnitude earthquake rattled two provinces of Paktika and Khost in southeastern Afghanistan on June 22, 2022.

Hundreds of Afghans were killed and injured while many houses, as well as the country's infrastructures, were destroyed.

Khalid Ahmad Hamid told Iran Press in Kabul that the world community should meet its commitments to help Afghans adding that the quake-stricken Afghans expect humanitarian aid from the world community and the neighboring countries.

He thanked Iran for its emergency aid and said that Iran was the first country that sent humanitarian aid to quake-stricken Afghanistan.

He also asked for more aid from Iran's Red Crescent Society.


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