Tehran (IP) - Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation and Iran's National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents host the international "Noor Student Competition."

Iran PressIran news: "Noor Student Competition" seeks to give hope, create identity, and promote science among the teenagers of the Islamic world to engage them in educational and scientific programs.

The competition aims at encouraging students to participate in making 60-second scientific and educational films.

So far, 777 works from within Iran and also works from France, Jordan, Turkey, and South Africa have been sent to the event, the theme of which is the construction of accurate models for mathematical concepts. 

The international event is held year by year in honor of the most iconic figures of science and technology in the Islamic world, this year Abu Reihan Birouni. 

In the four past events, 17,000 students participated, with 5,700 works from 11 countries.

The students can send their work until August 16 through http:/noor.mstfdn.org.  

Among the works sent, 100 are selected as the general works and three others as the special ones. 


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