President Raisi:

Tehran (IP) - Iran's President said we believe that universities are the government's think tank, and we emphasize using the capacity of universities to advance the country's affairs.

Iran PressIran News: Having a meeting with the university students and professors on Monday, Ebrahim Raisi called on the professors to elaborate on the capacities and progress achieved in the country.

The president said, "We have neither the right to go back nor the right to stop, we have only one way, and that is progress in all fields."

Raisi said the government's duty was to pursue the critical issue of progress along with the implementation of justice and the priority of creating transformation.

The President of Iran considered the weakness in explaining scientific progress and achievements as one of the country's problems today.

"If the development and transformation in the country is not based on science, it is called taste, which is definitely not sustainable, but when the work is based on science and knowledge and we attach knowledge to ability, real transformation and development will happen," he noted.

Raisi also mentioned the issue of elite migration and added: "We must promote hope in the society through action and implementation so that the issue of elite migration is reversed and all those who migrated due to the lack of facilities and conditions realize the growth and progress in the country is provided for them."



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