Bagheri Kani:

Middle East(IP) - The political deputy of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Zionist regime could not even dream of attacking Iran.

Iran PressMiddle East: " Ali Bagheri Kani," the Political Deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, in an interview with "Al-Masira Yemen" news channel, in response to a question regarding some of the threats of the officials of the Zionist regime against the Islamic Republic of Iran, stated: "Zionists cannot even dream of attacking Iran, and if they dream of attacking the country, they can be sure that they will not wake up from that dream."

The leaders of the Israeli regime have followed the strategy of "Iranophobia" for many years. This regime has several goals, such as pushing Iran to the corner, disrupting regional and international interactions, and creating a coalition to exert maximum pressure against Iran.

The strategy of creating terror in the minds of the Jews living in the occupied territories and different regions of the world, including the Middle East countries and the American people, is the basic foundation of advancing the policies of the Israeli regime.

The heads of the Israel regime have threatened Iran many times in the last decade and have engaged in state terrorism against the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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